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Navigate to job posts


Create a new job post

Fill in the form (reqired fields):

Visibility: Makes your job post public or keep them private to invite candidates.

Contract Type: Choose the type of job you offer. 

You can publish job posts for free, only type employment requires a payment (you can add payment later). Learn more about payment here

Office Location: Inform candidates where you’re located so they know language, time zone, etc. 

Job Details: Add all relevant information about the job and the requirements you have. 

Skills: Candidates will find your job based on the skills you added here.

Fill them in accurately!

Add more information (optional fields):

Conditions: Add information about the project conditions so the candidates can see if it matches their requirements

Experience: Does the job require a specific background in the games industry?

Save and you’re done!

  • If you choose to make it public and picked one of the free options, then your job will appear in the next few minutes in the job search on the website.
  • If the post is for an employment position, then you have to purchase a slot and assign the post to make it public.


Make your jobs stand out by adding images

  1. Upload the logo on your profile page and it will appear in the job posts
  2. To give the candidates a quicker insight to your projects, you can also add some logos or images