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About me examples

We know how hard it can be to write an “About me” text, so we composed some examples for you and hope they can inspire you.

Example 1 – Lisa, 2D Artist

Professional Headline
Experienced 2D Artist & Outsourcing Manager

About me
I have 10 years’ experience working as a fulltime, freelance artist. Throughout my career I have designed and created concept art and key art, user interfaces, 2D and 3D game assets, as well as more general 2D design work. I also have 3 years’ experience as an outsourcing manager for a double-A indie developer, so I am familiar with freelancing on both the client and contractor side.

In the past I have mostly worked within the games industry, but I have also provided illustrations for a handful of magazines, and provided concept art and realistic 3D models for animated films.

I have created 2D and 3D characters in a variety of styles, from cute stylized 2D creatures to lifelike high-poly 3D models. I personally prefer working in a realistic style, but am open and eager to tackle all kinds of offers!

Example 2 – Jennifer, Programmer

Professional Headline
Unity Developer with 6 years’ experience

About me
I’m Jennifer, a programmer who has been working in Unity and C# for the past six years. I have provided freelance work to a variety of projects, from small-scale game jam projects to, most recently, the smash indie hit “Heroes of Westmarch. My responsibilities have ranged from back-end functionality – including core game code, multiplayer server functionality and administration – to front-end tasks such as UI implementation. I have also created dozens of shaders to achieve a variety of visual effects, from stylized pop-art visuals to painterly overlays.

I prefer to work independently but have worked with teams ranging from two to twelve people, so I have developed my soft skills and found ways to compromise with others. I’m especially fond of playing CRPGs such as “The Witcher 3 and would love to work on a large open-world fantasy project, but I am equally comfortable and capable working on any type of game.

My education includes a Computer Science degree from the University of Vienna and a Master’s in Game Design from Klagenfurt university.

Example 3 – Thomas, Project Manager

Professional Headline
Project Manager with triple-I experience

About me
I have been working in the games industry on-and-off for twelve years in various management and production positions. My latest gig, which lasted three years, was as the project manager for the well-known indie release “Coldest Catacomb 2” which involved managing around thirty people, thirteen of whom were the core development team. Throughout my career I’ve worked as a production assistant, junior producer and lead project manager, though I’ve also taken on roles in QA. During one memorable job I managed a team of artists to meet an extremely tight deadline, so I have been involved with, and understand, how the games industry works from multiple perspectives.

I’m an expert at agile project management (mainly SCRUM) and end-to-end product development, with a focus on regular reporting to make sure everyone’s able to give their best. As a manager and producer I’ve developed good soft skills and people-managing abilities: it’s often like herding cats, as the expression goes, but I find most people are eager to work with you if you meet them halfway. My specialty is in managing the production of singleplayer games focused on strong art direction and mechanics, but I have also worked on multiplayer titles and narrative-heavy games with dozens of cutscenes and thousands of voice lines.

I have learned how to be flexible even in difficult conditions and unexpected twists. As a seasoned professional, I’m eager to take my skillset to a double- or even triple-A studio and meet whatever challenges those projects might pose for me.